April 2, 2011

The Bondo Curve Saves the Day

My last post made mention of the problems I had getting a curve that I like for the ends of my table. Well, in the end I recut my bent lamination frame pieces to get a farer curve. To do so I rough cut matching male and female templates of the curve I wanted, and then squished bondo between the two to get a perfect match between the curves. I then routed the frame members and the table top, splined the two pieces, and glued them up. What you see below is the bondo template and the resulting table top.

I'm glad that I decided to fix what I had rather than start over. Sometimes there's value to a fresh start, especially when you feel completely bogged down (as I did), but sometimes using the material you started with and fixing the problem you got yourself into is more rewarding.

Now on to the base! You can see the legs and stretchers resting on my bench in the background as well as the beginnings of my finish samples.

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