February 8, 2011

The Paparazzi (AKA my parents) Come to Town

My parents visited Fort Bragg over the weekend for the show. Fortunately for us, my normally impatient father had just bought a new camera, which kept him occupied for hours and hours and hundreds upon hundreds of photos. In good dad form, he couldn't stop taking pictures of me, even doing the most mundane things like sweeping the shop, talking to friends or climbing up a sand dune. The upside is the number of nice photos I have to show for it.

The reception had great turn-out, and it was fun to share our work with friends, family and the community. The gallery was so packed that  it was hard to appreciate the pieces, but that wasn't a problem for my parents because we had already visited the show twice. It's nice to have such supportive parents. 

Here are a few highlights from the weekend. 

The Shop
Fort Bragg at Dusk
Glass Beach
Glass Beach
Guest House Museum
The Reception

My Big Backyard

Piece of Wood for a Bowl

Noyo Harbor

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