February 19, 2011

One Big, Dysfunctional Family

Being at College of the Redwoods for the year is an incredible experience. Not only do I get the opportunity to focus on the thing I love in a beautiful setting, I get to do it with a diverse group of people that share my passion. We work long hours and don't have much time to build lives outside of the classroom, so we've gelled into one big, at times dysfunctional, family. We have our ups and downs, but in the end we're there to support one another and enrich the experience that we're fortunate enough to share. 

"Cupid" left a valentine at each bench
Birthdays are celebrated with hats and cake


  1. Completely random- I was looking at your blog because I'm interested in College of the Redwoods when I saw this pic and had a small world moment. Is it possible that the woman with black hair used to work at a shop in Brooklyn called SITE with Eric Winston?

  2. Hi Scout. It is a small world! Candice worked at SITE. How do you know her?

  3. I worked with her there. My name is Cara but she'd probably need a picture to remember me. Candice is a cool girl, I'm glad she moved on to bigger and better things! I requested you as a friend on facebook. I feel weird posting things like my email addy on a blog but I'd be interested in talking to you and Candice about your experience at redwoods.