January 23, 2011


After a minor catastrophe (the last screw broke off while I was attaching the cabinet hangars and I had to bore it out), my jewelry cabinet is done. My completed work didn't give me an immediate sense of joy or relief, rather I felt empty. I've worked on this project singularly for the past three months, and finishing it left a void. After a few days I hung it on the wall, and then my sense of accomplishment kicked in. Seeing my cabinet on the wall gave me a whole new perspective on the piece. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. I hope you are too!  


  1. i know exactly what you mean, that empty void when a project is finished. takes a while to get the juices flowing for a new project!

    amazing first project! great job =)

  2. I mentioned your box in a post about the OC Fair on my blog. It is charming.