November 3, 2010

Padauk Box and Swedish Meatballs

I apologize for the lack of posts over the last week. I've been without internet until just now, but to celebrate its return, I'm posting on my class' very first completed project. 

Niklas is an exchange student from Sweden. He's in his third year of studies at Capellagarden on the island of Vickleby. Each year a student from College of the Redwoods swaps places with a student from Capellagarden for four months. Niklas made a box out of padauk (an exotic African wood), which he plans to work for his masterpiece when he returns to Sweden. 

College of the Redwoods has a tradition that each student presents his or her work once it's finished. And because food is such a part of the culture here, that student also brings breakfast for the class. Niklas treated us to swedish meatballs. Yum! 

Niklas made the box for his girlfriend. He's been working on a Box Project for three years. In this time, he's made a box for each person that's close to him. He starts the box without a person or function in mind, but over time it becomes obvious to him who the box will be for. This particular box includes a removable tray with small boxes that can be arranged any way the user likes. He also built a small key box that has a spring clasp. Niklas likes to include a written note about the importance of craft and hand work in each gift box that he gives. What a great idea! I might start a Box Project of my own. 

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