May 3, 2011

Table for Two (or Four)

Well, here's my table. Thanks to David Welter for the beautiful photos. 

As I worked to complete this project, I reflected on my time at CR. Mostly I think I learned just enough to know how much I don't know. But as I was chopping the bracket mortises to attach the tabletop to the base, I had a moment where I moved seamlessly through the motions without too much contemplation. In that moment I realized that I have learned a lot. 

I've learned lots individually and the class has learned even more collectively. This point was driven home to me when I drilled through my tabletop (argh!). My first thought was, well at least Molly's here, she's done a louse. Dechen was in the finishing room with me when it happened, and he helped me to stay calm and come up with a good solution to the problem. One of the best parts of the program has been sharing the learning experience with my classmates. I look forward to seeing where we go with our new and improved skills and knowledge. I certainly expect great things.



  1. Truly a fine piece of furniture!

    Thank you for taking the time to document the path to completion.


  2. Really nice! I like how the curve frame echos to veneer and soften the look.

    chris chen from LA

  3. Hi Laura,
    I have been reading your whole block, very very nice ! Your projects are beautiful, I like your table a lot, it has nice proportions and curves, chapeau !
    Say greetings to Christian (the german guy) in your class. As I have been to COR summerworkshops in 2009 and 2010 (I liked it a lot and probably I'll come back), David Welter wrote me later, that a guy from my hometown has applied for the 9 month programm. So I met Christian via David, and I could answer him some questions about the college.
    Best regards from Germany and keep on writing,

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