May 14, 2011

The Quickening

I cannot believe it, but the school year has come and gone. My classmates and I cleaned out the shop yesterday and then headed to Jim Budlong's place for a year-end party and camp-out. Ejler made mention a few weeks ago of "the quickening"--the time of year when almost everything goes into warp speed--and before I knew it, it was over with. 

Jim's party was the perfect way to go out. He and his wife Sue homestead on 40 acres between Mendocino and Ukiah. They have a beautiful home, a bountiful garden, and many animals, including dogs,  chickens, a pig for part of the year, and, until recently, ducks. They've built many of the structures on their property out of lumber they pulled from the property. This includes Jim's shop (a shop to envy!), which is made primarily out of redwood. And they do all of this entirely off the grid!

I still have a few more posts on backlog, so check back for updates at least a few more times, but in the meantime, enjoy these photos from the party.

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