February 22, 2011

One of Krenov's Last Cabinets

A few weeks ago David Welter brought to school one of Krenov's cabinets. The atmosphere in the shop immediately turned to one of reverie, and became almost crypt-like. The cabinet on a stand is small, maybe four feet tall, but it invites you to interact with it. It felt almost like it was a sentient being. I'm not sure why Krenov was enamored with making cabinets, but viewing the cabinet that David shared with us brought a few ideas to mind. The first idea is that cabinets are the perfect blank canvass to show off a piece of wood. It isn't so much about the subtle curves of the cabinet as it is about the weight and feel of the wood, the emotion it can convey in grain graphics or a splash of color. The other idea is that Krenov's cabinets are meant to display a few precious items. From what I can gather, Krenov grew up poor, and I can see why the idea of having something important or loved to put into one of his cabinets appealed to him. So there you have it, my personal musings. I hope you enjoy the photos of the cabinet. You can see that the class certainly enjoyed the experience. 

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