January 16, 2011

You Could Win This Cherry Bench!

Trystan, one of my classmates, has put this beautiful cherry trestle bench into the raffle that will happen at the 22nd Annual Mid-Winter Fine Furniture Exhibition. Tickets are $10. The raffle proceeds offset the cost of the show. This is your opportunity to do something good for the school and possibly win an incredible piece of furniture. Join us at the reception to purchase a ticket!

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  1. Hey, my name is Scotty, I came up to the school in November and spoke with some of your classmates. If i'm not mistaken I believe it was you that I spoke with the most (petite blonde?)I hope you're doing well and wanted to thank you for your enthusiasm and discussing the program with me. I intend to send in my own application in march and am working on my own skills until then. thank you again, I enjoyed your blog and if you'd like to say hi, you can email rollyoursleevesup@yahoo.com have a good rest of the program!