December 5, 2010

Another Glue-Up

My jewelry cabinet features two carcasses that are glued one inside of the other. The smaller carcasse is the drawer box for three small drawers and a cubby hole. It took 16 clamps and 12 cauls to glue the mini-cabinet into the larger cabinet. It was a bit of a gamble because the two cabinets weren't square to one another, but with a little strategic planing and the pressure of the clamps, the surfaces came right home. It looks like the mini-cabinet grew right out of the larger cabinet.

Elmer's white glue is the glue of choice at CR for most operations. It has a decent open time (how long you can futz around before the glue sets up), it's easy to apply, it dries clear and it's non-toxic. I use products that are good for me and good for the environment as much as I can.

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