August 31, 2010

Welcome to my Blog

As most of you know I moved to California’s North Coast to pursue woodworking at College of the Redwoods. The school has an excellent fine furniture program, and I’m sure I’ll learn more than I can imagine over the next nine months about woodworking and myself. I’d like you to be part of that experience. Because my friends and family are scattered across the globe and because Fort Bragg, CA is somewhat in the middle of nowhere, a blog seems like the best way for you to follow me on my adventure. Of course, I also invite you to visit if you can! I plan to write about woodworking, tools, life on the North Coast, and anything else that seems relevant. I’ll also post lots of pictures.  

Many of you are probably asking yourself why I would take time out of my life to do something like this. That’s a good question. I’m still trying to figure it out myself. All I know at the moment is that woodworking feeds my soul. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to focus intensely on becoming the best furniture maker I can be. To clue you in, and to remind myself, these are the goals I have for the year:
  • To learn to see and create beautiful objects from wood, using the hand, eye and imagination.
  • To build adaptable, functional furniture in a modern style with a nod to the beauty and craft of the past.
  • To use traditional techniques, local materials and environmentally conscious design and production practices.
  • To participate in and contribute to a community of individuals who are inspired by their craft.
  • To maintain a connection to the makers in my family.
  • To live and build simply and beautifully. 

Finally, I’d like to thank Mike Manville for supporting me in this adventure, and for agreeing to edit my posts. I wouldn’t be here without you!

I hope you all enjoy the blog.  


  1. i'm so excited! i have been designing a project in my head and i'm thrilled at the prospect that a wise lady planner like yourself could play a role in its realization!

    -lauren a.

  2. I look forward to hearing about the project! Do you have details that you're ready to share?

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